Activities and Field Trips

TLC may organize several extra curricular activities for the Portuguese students to exchange experiences and practice the language they are learning. There is a variety of cultural, social and sporting activities.

In courses that focus on formal language and interaction, such as the ones planned for diplomats, the extracurricular activities are mostly professional: visits to state and private organizations, attending a class at a university. For these activities, the students prepare in advance (studying vocabulary, and expressions, for example), interact during the activity, and have follow up sessions.

Florianópolis is also the perfect place for adventure and radical sports, such as diving, kitesurfing, paragliding, sandboarding, skateboarding, surfing, trekking and windsurfing. To take advantage of this feature, we use sports- especially trekking (hiking) around the island- for immersion classes. For the newcomers, registering in a sports activity is an interesting way to make new friends and to be introduced to the local culture.

Hiking at Praia do Gravatá