We’ve been teaching Portuguese as a foreign language since 1993. We are an affiliate of the Study in Brazil by Belta, which is a program of the department of Inbound Belta (Brazilian association of organizers of educational and cultural trips), created to promote and encourage Brazilian education among foreign students and international exchange companies.

Belta Brazil Sensational

Study in Brazil

“Study in Brazil” is an Inbound Department program of BELTA (“Associação Brasileira de Organizadores de Viagens Educacionais e Culturais”/Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association), created to promote and boost Brazilian education among foreign students and international interchange companies. With EMBRATUR’s (“Instituto Brasileiro de Turismo”/Brazilian tourism institute) support, it develops many activities that promote the country abroad, with the purpose of establishing Brazil as one of the main educational destinations worldwide.

Study in Brazil is also liable for choosing and gathering institutions that offer High School and Higher education courses, Portuguese classes, short and long term Academic Studies and programs combined with tourism, sports, internships, voluntary work etc.
Nowadays Study in Brazil counts on works with11 associated companies, since from interchange agencies until to Portuguese teaching schools

About Belta

Founded 23 years ago, Belta–Brazilian Educational & Language Travel Association, abbreviation for Associação Brasileira de Organizadores de Viagens Educacionais e Culturais, gathers and attests the main Brazilian interchange agencies through Belta’s Quality Seal and invests in the enhancement of the international educational segment and on reliability of the interchange program of the associated agencies.

Currently, there are 600 agencies with the Belta seal around the country, which represents 90% of the national market of this kind of service. It also comprises international associated agencies, which, in their majority, are higher education institutions, service providers and international organizations & associations.