Brazil camp






It is an immersion program in Brazilian Portuguese and culture for teenagers, Brazilian descendants or students of Portuguese. It is a 2-week program, which includes Portuguese, culture classes and field trips.

The 3-hour daily classes (30 hours in 2 weeks) may occur in the morning (usually from 9 to 12) or in the afternoon (from 2 to 5). The course adopts a communicative approach to language teaching and the level and content are programmed along with the pedagogical coordinator from each local school, in order to build a more adequate and meaningful course for the students. It is also possible to include selected aspects of Brazilian history, geography, biology or culture.

The field trips happen in a shift different from that of their studies, and may be of sportive, cultural and/or social nature. Brazilian cooking, samba, surfing, sandboarding and stand up paddling (SUP) are some of the activities that may be included in the program.

Meetings with Brazilian students, visits to places such as museums, trails to beaches and small communities, as well as visits to environmental and animal protection projects and to associations and universities are also on the top of our list.

The program – which also includes the arrangement of airport transfer, accommodation and lunch – is designed together with the pedagogical representative of the group, taking into account students’
interests and characteristics.


Students stay in pairs or trios in shared rooms at inns, hostels or with Brazilian families. Breakfast is included, lunch is organized by the school. Dinner is not included; students can have dinner in one of the several restaurants and cafes around the neighborhood.


In general, the places where students stay are nearby the school, which
allows them to walk and not necessarily depend on buses. The farthest houses are located 20 minutes by bus away from the school at most.
Buses are fairly reliable and they are the transport used in most of the field trips. For longer trips to more distant places, chartered transport is hired.


Florianopolis, also known as Floripa, is the capital of the state of Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil. Floripa has a population of 460,000 inhabitants, and it is known for its high quality of life and the highest human development index (HDI) in Brazil.