An immersion in the Brazilian language and culture for teenagers. The program lasts from 2 to 4 weeks offering portuguese classes, accommodation and cultural, volunteering and recreational  activities.

The classes are of 3 hours a day (total of 30 hours in 2 weeks or 60 hours in 4 weeks), either in  the mornings (usually from 9am to 12pm) or in the afternoon, (from 2pm to 5pm). The Portuguese classes follow  communicative approach, the level and content is personalized taking into consideration the objective of the group and the orientation of the designated person responsible for the group, in order to organize the most significative program for the students. It is also possible to include classes focusing on the historic, cultural, political and economic aspects of the Brazilian culture.

The extra-class activities happen on the opposite period of the classes. Some of the most desired activities are culinary classes, samba lessons, surf / sandboard and stand-up paddle lessons, gatherings with brazilian students, trips to relevant locations with focus on natural / cultural and historical aspects such as the city center, museums, hikes (with different levels of difficulty) to remote beaches and communities, field trips to ambiental projects such as Projeto Tamar (turtle rescue center), Projeto Lontra and Parque do Rio Vermelho (wild animal rescue center), visits no NGO’s and Universities, etc.



Transportation from and to the airport is included in the program, along with accommodation with breakfast (at a selected hostel) and lunch (organized by the school). For dinner, the students will have a large range of options concerning prices and meal options around the neighborhood.

The school is very selective regarding accommodation and only place suitable to the students (where it feels confident that it will be adequate for teenagers. We also select hostels that are within a reasonable walking distance to our school. Public transportation (city bus) is very popular and used in most of the field-trips. For longer trips private transportation is provided.