Official Proficiency Certificate in Portuguese

What is CELPE-Bras?

The CELPE-Bras is the only certificate of proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese as a Second language officially recognized and developed by the Brazilian Ministry of Education (MEC).

The diploma is recognized as a proof of competence in Portuguese language worldwide and is advisable for students and professionals willing to take undergraduate and graduate courses or develop their careers in Brazil.

CELPE-Bras is offered twice a year, usually in April and October.

In Florianópolis, the exam is applied at UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina, the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

The Language Club offers preparatory courses for CELPE-Bras on a one-to-one basis and in groups, in case of demand.

Preparatory Courses

The CELPE-Bras Preparatory Course is usually private and prepares the student for the Exam: the exam format is studied and the student is provided with plenty of practice in the exam tasks. Study of specific abilities and grammar points are selected as the teacher uncovers weaknesses to be overcome.

An initial placement test is applied to identify the student level. From there, taking also into account the course length and the CELPE Band aimed by the student, a course is designed. So, three aspects are considered in the course design:

  • Student initial level
  • Course length (in number of hours)
  • CELPE-Bras Band

The duration of the course shall vary according to the student or group level. It may range from 30 to 150 hours. The course, based on the exam characteristics, emphasizes oral and written comprehension and text types' awareness and production. Grammar is approached in response to student’s deficiencies and limitations. The course also makes use of mock tests.

We strongly suggest that the student have at least intermediate level in the language to take the exam.