Floripa and Lagoa

About Florianópolis

Florianópolis, also known as Floripa, is the capital city and second largest city of the state of Santa Catarina, in the South region of Brazil. Floripa comprises a population of about 460,000, according to the 2014 official population estimate. The city is known for having a very high quality of life, ranked as the country's third highest Human Development Index score among all Brazilian cities (0.847).

The economy of Florianópolis is heavily based on information technology, tourism and services. The city has 42 beaches and is a center of surfing activity. The New York Times reported that "Florianopolis is the Party Destination of the Year in 2009". Newsweek placed Florianópolis in the "Ten most dynamic cities of the world" list in 2006. Veja, a Brazilian publication, named the city as "the best place to live in Brazil". As a result of this exposure, Florianópolis is growing as a second home destination for many Paulistas, Argentines, North Americans, and Europeans.

The fishing boats, the lacemakers, the folklore, the cuisine and the colonial architecture contribute to the growing tourism and attracts resources that compensate for the lack of any large industry. Villages immersed in tradition and history, such as Santo Antônio de Lisboa and Ribeirão da Ilha still resist the advances of modernity.

Ponte Hercílio Luz

History of Florianópolis

Originally colonized by the Portuguese of the Azores, Florianópolis retains many traces of its early years. The small village of Santo Antônio de Lisboa is an example of architecture of that period and in Ribeirão da Ilha, the oldest part of the capital, the inhabitants still speak the Azorean dialect which is difficult to understand at first. In Ribeirão da Ilha is the church of Our Lady of Lapa do Ribeirão, built in 1806. Lagoa da Conceição, with its many sand dunes, restaurants and seaside night life and where women make lace to sell in the street, has also managed to retain many traces of its colonial architecture.


About Lagoa da Conceição

Lagoa da Conceição is one of the hippest neighborhoods in Floripa. It is located in the center of the island, is the largest lagoon on the island and provides a focal point for water sports enthusiasts, including surfers, sailors and others. The dunes and hills around the lagoon provide opportunities for sandboarding, hang gliding, mountain biking and hiking.

The school, located in the very center this neighborhood, is close to shops, a mall, cafes and the main bus station in the area, but it is still safe and quiet. It is about 15 minutes by bus from Praia Mole, Joaquina and Campeche, three very famous beaches on the island. The environment, open to all cultural backgrounds, is perfect for social interaction and language practice in for all levels.

The area has a small town center with a medical clinic, post office, pharmacies, supermarkets, boutique stores and specialty shops. The town gets particularly crowded during the Brazilian summer vacation, i.e. the months of January and February.

The Lagoa da Conceição district also includes beaches, namely Praia Mole and Joaquina, both of which have hosted major international professional surf tour events.

Lagoa da Conceição


Florianópolis experiences a warm humid subtropical climate, falling just short of a true tropical climate. The seasons of the year are distinct, with a well-defined summer and winter, and characteristic weather for autumn and spring. Frost is infrequent, but occurs occasionally in the winter. Due to the proximity of the sea, the relative humidity of the atmosphere is 80% on average.

The maximum temperatures of the hottest month varies from 25 °C (77 °F) to 38.8 °C (101.8 °F) and the minimum temperatures are from 6 °C (43 °F) to 11 °C (52 °F).

When to come?

Summer, and specially Carnival time, is without doubt the best time if you are looking for parties. It is a fun time for all with one of the biggest street parties in Brazil.

Spring (March- June) and autumn (September-December) are much quieter but still sunny and warm enough to enjoy the beach. This is the best time for all active adventures, as the days are clear and you have wild flowers and migrating birds making for quite a show.

Winter, the season for whale watching, is mild: even in the coldest months (July and August) temperatures don’t usually go below 12°C at night on the coast and quite often reach mid-20s during the day.

In fact, you can come to Florianopolis all year around and enjoy it. Most certainly you will want to come back again and again.

General Information

  • Brazil: +55
  • Florianópolis: 048.

  • Mean Annual Temperature (Capital): 20ºC/70ºF

Consider that the south of Brazil has temperatures like Europe. During summer (Nov-Mar) clothes should be light and comfortable. Beach gear is a must, considering that Florianopolis is an island with 42 beaches.

Be sure to take a warm sweater and think clothes during winter time (May-Sep).

Mains electricity are 220V in Florianópolis.

Aeroporto Internacional Hercílio Luz
Av. Diomício Freitas, 3393, Bairro Carianos.
Telephone: (48) 3331-4000

Distance from downtown: 13km

From 9AM to 6PM.

  • Banks from 10AM to 4PM.
  • Shops are opened until 7PM.
  • Main Shopping Centers are opened from 10AM to 10PM.

The city has both normal and radio taxi services. Check with hotel reception for the best option for your area.

Check with your hotel for information on the nearest clinics.