10 Reasons to Learn Portuguese in Brazil !

by The Language Club / Friday, 23 October 2015 / Published in Latest News

Brazilian Portuguese is a passionate, musical and romantic language, where the focus is on expressing yourself rather than following tons of grammar rules, making it the ideal learner’s language. And Brazilian people just LOVE when foreigners do everything they can to learn their language, then you have a great recipe for language success!


1) Brazil is now the world’s favorite country

Always called country of the future, Brazil is starting to look  a lot more like the country of the present. Everybody  wants to come to Brazil, to live here, to work here and next year will be very busy, specially with the Olympics taking place in Brazil.

2) Sixth most widely spoken

This language is spoken in four continents: Europe, South America, Africa, and Asia. More people speak Portuguese as their native language than speak French, German, Italian or Japanese.

3) Portuguese is relatively easy to learn

Portuguese is a rather easy language to learn, especially if you already know some French, Spanish or Italian because a number of words are nearly identical. As for grammar, English and Portuguese organize sentences in the same order (noun – verb – complement). And who doesn’t have a Portuguese neighbor, acquaintance, or friend with whom to practice speaking without having to move to another country?

If we compare Portuguese to languages of other developing countries (Mandarin or Korean, for example), learning Portuguese is walk in the park!

4) Brazilians Accept You as One of Theirs

Brazilians are naturally friendly and if you can communicate in their language it’s even better!

In Brazil, it’s all about who you know, i.e “networking” and this is a natural built in part of the language. So you effectively kill two birds with one stone in learning the language, as amazing doors of possibilities begin to open.

5) Portuguese/Spanish: the perfect pair.

No matter what career path you choose, you will multiply your chances for success if you speak these two languages since they cover all of South America plus many other places in Europe, Africa, and Asia. If you already speak Spanish is even easier to learn Portuguese!

6) The astonishing richness of literature in Portuguese

Everything from The Lusiads, the greatest epic poem of the European Renaissance — to the modern Brazilian narrative and poetry, the best-kept secret in the Western Hemisphere. The Portuguese writer José Saramago won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1998.

7) Those interested in world music will greatly benefit from knowing Portuguese. 

Portuguese, African and Amerindian traditions, instruments, harmonies, dances, rhythms, and other musical elements have been mixed to form unique sounds and rhythms such as samba and bossa-nova.

8) Few English speakers also speak Portuguese (less competition)

If we compare the number of English speakers who also speak French, German, Spanish, etc. with those whose second language is Portuguese, there are significantly less speakers of Portuguese as a second language. This means that you will have less competition for jobs in all sectors if you focus on learning Portuguese.

9) Broaden your view of the world.

Learning a new language is not just learning grammar and vocabulary. It is learning new sounds, expressions, and ways of seeing things; it is learning how to function in another culture, how to know a new community from the inside out. Portuguese can help you do so.

10) Portuguese is a desired language in a number of professional sectors (tourism, international trade, research, etc.)

Portuguese is spoken in a number of tourist destinations, such as Portugal, Madeira, Brazil, and the Cape Verde archipelago. Economic prosperity is pushing the Brazilian middle class to Europe, so it will become more and more important for tourism professionals (guides, interpreters, group leaders, etc.) to be able to communicate in Portuguese. Because of Europe’s increasing trade with Brazil, interpreters and translators are more and more in demand (and as I said before, there isn’t much competition at the moment), as well as engineers, doctors, lawyers, salespeople, and marketing specialists who can speak Portuguese.

Florianópolis is sure the perfect place to learn Portuguese, since the city offers all of the best of Brazil in a much more relaxed and safer environment! CLICK HERE to learn more about Floripa and The Language Club! 



sources: adapted from mosalingua and portuguesemassa