The Benefits of Learning a Language Online

by The Language Club / Monday, 27 April 2020 / Published in Latest News

While going to a school to learn a language provides many good experiences, leaving the traditional way by learning online can give you many advantages!

You might have to plan at least an hour and thirty minutes ahead just to get to a school class! If you just don’t have time for this whole process, there is another practical option for those people who are always on the go. You could have your language lesson online through a number of applications, most namely Skype.

And yes, you can learn Portuguese online with us!

Many people are now turning their attention towards online language learning courses and the rate of enrolment in such courses is at an all-time high. Studies have shown that people who can speak more than one language are smarter than the ones who speak just one language. While this definitely is a big advantage, there are also advantages in practising languages online.


Online learning gives you the option to choose from a wide variety of interests. One can choose from a wide array of languages, from English to Polynesian. All you have to do is simply decide upon the language you wish to learn!

2. New learning methods

Language learning can also be tricky. Unlike other skills, learning a foreign language is all about practice. Apps like Bilingua are the best sources from which you can learn a new language. Get in touch with a native speaker, and keep on practising and perfecting your newly learnt skill. Besides that, apps like Bilingua also offer a number of plans and multimedia tools to enhance your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

3. Low cost

Let’s face it – learning languages through traditional methods is expensive. Online learning courses are cheaper than campus classes, or tutors, so you won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

4. Comfort and accessibility

Another major advantage of online language learning courses is getting rid of those long classes on campus. Online language learning gives you the comfort of learning a language at your own pace, in a familiar environment and whenever you have time. Several studies have proven that people are more receptive and creative when they are in a familiar environment. Also, each individual is most alert during different times in the day. Practising languages online gives you the supreme advantage of choosing your own time and place to learn the language.

5. Autonomous, flexible and self-paced

Online language learning courses let you learn the language on your own. This may cause a little discomfort to students who aren’t autonomous but on the bright side, it can teach you to challenge yourself and to grow. Apart from that, the flexible and self-paced programmes will ensure that you do not have to hurry through the lessons and can reach the target at your own time. Cramming is poisonous when it comes to language learning and hence, such courses let you take your own time to understand the lessons.

6. Repetition

Few people pick up a new language on the first attempt. Language learning is a difficult yet gratifying task which may ask you to repeat the lessons learnt. In a traditional classroom environment, repeating lessons on the spot will only add to the annoyance of the teacher and the student. This is not the case when you are practising languages online. These courses engage the student throughout the duration of the course and provide a comprehensive education.

7. Enrich your resume

Additional skills and being bilingual is definitely an added advantage to your resume. With many companies going international, the need for bilingual, and even multilingual employees is at an all-time high. Also, mentioning online learning courses in your resume will portray you as an avid learner and more knowledgeable.


8. Students Learn At Their Own Pace

Some kids are very adept at picking up new languages, but it takes some students longer. Unlike taking formal classroom classes, learning languages online allow students a chance to work at their own speed. They can take their classes in the late afternoon, the evening, or they can even just choose to take their classes on the weekends.

  • If a student needs to spend more time on a lesson than other students do, that will not be a problem because he will be able to pace himself. Also, learning languages online can be private, so students don’t have to worry about feeling bad because they aren’t picking up verb conjugation or other topics as quickly as other student.
  • In contrast, some kids learn very quickly. For example, if a child already knows how to speak Spanish, it might be easier for her to pick up French than it would be for a child who only spoke English. Since learning languages online can be taken at the student’s own pace, a quick student can move ahead much faster than she could if she had to go the same pace as everybody else in a classroom.
  • Some kids may need to earn a language credit for a specific type of high school diploma. Because schedules in high school are limited to the number of classes that can be taken in one day, some students may not be able to fit those classes in with other subjects that they want to take. By learning languages online, kids can earn those extra credits and transfer them back to the high school. This makes it easier for kids to fulfill all of their diploma requirements and prepare themselves for travel or a college education.
  • If your student did not pass a semester of his foreign language class, he may need to make it up. Rather than sitting through summer school or taking extra time to finish school, it will be a lot easier and more convenient to fit makeup classes in online. Even if the student has not failed the class, learning languages online can be very helpful for children who are struggling. The online classes can also help prepare these students for actual classroom foreign language classes that they need to take.

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