Florianópolis – Home to the Most Gorgeous People on Earth!

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Florianópolis was referenced by the British daily tabloid newspaper as the “home to the most gorgeous people on earth”. If you have ever been to Florianópolis you know that this is not far from true at all! Check out their article and some photos of the beautiful island-town of Florianópolis, Brazil!

Brazil: land of the beautiful

One city, Florianópolis, is rumoured to be home to the most gorgeous people on earth — so we couldn’t resist a visit

Is Florianopolis home to the world's most beuiatiful people?
Credit: The Sun

EVER felt like you’ve turned up to the wrong party? In fancy dress? The moment I step on to a sandy white beach in Florianópolis, south-east Brazil, in my sensible Sainsbury’s swimming cossie, I get that sinking feeling in my sucked-in belly. Gorgeous girls stride out of the surf, with itsy-bitsy bikinis and perfectly beach-tousled hair. Pert, thong-clad butts fill the horizon, and everyone looks like they belong in an Abercrombie & Fitch advert.

Brazil is already famed for being home to the hottest women on earth, but according to the Brazilians, this little island paradise is the epicentre of gorgeousness. Apparently, its inhabitants are all put-Gisele-in-the-shade beautiful, so I’ve come to investigate.

With just 24 hours on my side, my first stop is one of the many idyllic beaches that litter the island. It’s clear the fit Florianópolians aren’t into thigh gaps or starvation diets. Here, it’s all about the curves, and the girls are more than happy with a bit of hip, bum and boob action.

 And it’s not just the women who are super-hotties. The boys are drop-dead gorgeous, too. With their smooth chests, bulging pecs and pearly white grins, it’s enough to make a girl blush. Heck, even the older people are tanned, fit and brimming with confidence, at an age when we wouldn’t usually be letting it all hang out. Seeing such beautiful bodies, I can’t help feeling self-conscious about my ghostly pale, less athletic size-12 self. I expect them to drop their cocktails and run for the hills in horror.

But then a big group of beautiful people who are partying away with cake and champagne (seriously, how do these people stay so slim?!) quickly invite me to their celebrations.

“Enjoy, eat, have fun!” shouts Mirela, shoving a glass of bubbly into my hand, before her friend Amanda insists I have some cake. They’re so welcoming, any worry about my wobbly thighs disappears as they chat to me in broken English.

Another group of girls, Camila, 26, and Mariana and Carolina, both 25, offer me a towel to sit on so we can chat. When I ask if they’ve heard about Florianópolis women being the most beautiful in Brazil, they laugh and say, without false modesty, that they have.

Is Florianopolis home to the world's most beuiatiful people?
Credit: The Sun

“It’s true,” says Mariana. “But when you have sun, sea and surf, why wouldn’t you be beautiful? We have surfing and paddle-boarding to keep us fit, and fresh seafood to feed us. When you feel good, you look good, too.”

She tells me about an island myth, that says witches lived in the surrounding mountains. “They weren’t bad witches, though,” Camila adds. “They just weaved spells, so now the island has the nickname of being the magical island. Maybe that’s what makes us so attractive!”

I still can’t help feeling a little inadequate sitting next to them, but Carolina rushes to make me feel better. “But who’s to say what is attractive?” she says with a big smile. “You are gorgeous, too. Pale can be beautiful. Why would we all want to look the same?” she adds, kindly.

Next, I bump into two equally gorgeous locals, Andrea and Julia. When I ask Andrea her age, she whispers in my ear: “43!” My jaw drops. Her body is amazing and there isn’t a wrinkle on her face. She looks barely half her age.

“What’s your secret?” I demand. “Florianópolis,” she says with a wink, then adds: “And working out. A lot!”

For lunch, I head to the town of Lagoa da Conceição, where my waitress, Kessia, is so beautiful, it’s hard to concentrate on the menu. In London, she’d be whisked off to be the next Kate Moss, but on the surrounding tables there are 12 more girls who could give Kate a run for her money.

“We used to joke that good-looking people from so many places chose to live in Florianópolis, and that’s why everyone looks so amazing,” says Guilherme Eduardo dos Santos, who runs local travel company Apino Turismo (Apino.com.br). “But there is also truth in that as it was colonized by European immigrants. This mix has contributed to the beauty of its inhabitants.”

Is Florianopolis home to the world's most beautiful people?
Credit: The Sun

In the Havaianas shop next door to the restaurant, I’m served by the gorgeous Danula, and I begin to understand that here, being beautiful is simply a way of life, not a ticket to superiority.

Moving on to another beach that afternoon, I thank goodness for my stomach-cinching cossie. Sensing my anxiety, two girls offer up a sunlounger and start chatting away.

“Of course there is pressure to look good when you live here,” says Vanessa, 21, a student. “You feel like you have to compete to fit in.”

“But that’s not a bad thing,” adds her friend, Louisa, 22, also a student. “It means we stay healthy and in shape, so what’s wrong with that?”

As the sun sets, I’m reluctant to say goodbye to my super-hot new friends. But it’s time to go back to my hotel, where everyone from the chambermaids to the concierge looks effortlessly gorge and I get spruced up for a night out. Putting on a little black dress and hot-pink heels, I look in the mirror and don’t think I look too shabby.

Then I step into the impossibly cool beach club, Cafe de la Musique. I kid you not, it’s like a supermodel convention. But, just like on the beach, everyone is kind, friendly and funny, and I’m soon clinking cocktails and busting some moves with the locals.

By the end of the night, it hits me – part of the reason everyone’s so damn gorgeous is because they’re all so happy. And while I may have started the day feeling like I didn’t belong, I’ve ended up having the best time ever.

Never mind the beauty capital of the world, Florianópolis might be the happiness capital, too.

Not only the people are beautiful, with its 42 beaches Florianópolis is really an EXOTIC PEARL “hidden” in the South of Brazil!

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Florianópolis Island (South of Brazil)




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