Get ready! 4-week Group Course starting on October 22

by The Language Club / Thursday, 01 March 2018 / Published in Latest News

If you are a foreigner coming to Brazil and is looking to learn Portuguese, our General Portuguese Group Course is the perfect opportunity!

This group will start at a basic level and you can join us for just a week or for a couple of months! It’s a great opportunity if you want to be able to handle daily conversations in Portuguese fast!

This course is addressed to those students who are beginners or false beginners in Portuguese, if you already have an advanced or intermediate knowledge of our language, please consult us about ongoing groups or one-to-one tuition!

An exclusive booklet is included, so you can keep studying and revising after the end of the course. Classes are usually from 9h30am to 12 pm, with a break so you can enjoy a nice coffee at our cafeteria.


classes from
Mondays to Thursdays

from 9h30am to 12pm

40 hours  per month
10 hours per week


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For more information and to enroll, please write to

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