Portuguese Vocabulary: Months and Days of the Week

by The Language Club / Tuesday, 30 June 2015 / Published in Latest News

Take a look at the months (meses) and days of the week (dias da semana) in portuguese. They’re easy!


Monday segunda-feira
Tuesday terça-feira
Wednesday quarta-feira
Thursday quinta-feira
Friday sexta-feira
Saturday sábado
Sunday domingo
the day o dia
week a semana
weekend o fim de semana
today hoje
tomorrow amanhã

The days from Monday to Friday have this name because they were called according to the fair (feira) that used to take place in that day a long time ago. A “Feira” is a set of tents pitched in the street where you can buy vegetables, fruits, and other foods.


January janeiro
February fevereiro
March março
April abril
May maio
June junho
July julho
August agosto
September setembro
October outubro
November novembro
December dezembro
month o mês
the first of [a month] primeiro de [month]
year o ano

To say a specific day of a month, use cardinal and not ordinal numbers. Also noticed that the date is written with the day first, and then the month: 16/04/2005 – Dezesseis de abril de dois mil e cinco.