Press Trip – Florianópolis

by The Language Club / Sunday, 05 June 2016 / Published in Latest News

From May 13 to 15, The Language Club was visited by 3 European journalists (two British and a German) who write in vehicles directed to students. In this  press trip, organized by Study in Brazil by Belta together with EMBRATUR, the journalists visited Portuguese schools and agencies that offer Educational programs for foreigners in Brazil, such as: language courses, internship, volunteering, university studies etc. The aim of the press trip, which occurred in SP, Curitiba and Florianópolis, was to promote Brazil as a study destination.

In their visit to TLC the journalists attended a Portuguese class and a presentation about the school courses and services and had the opportunity to meet some of our teachers and staff while enjoying  a delicious coffee break!

It was easy to promote Florianópolis: a boat ride in Lagoa, a visit to Ribeirão da Ilha, a hiking to Naufragados! We can hardly wait to read their articles and know their impressions about TLC and our town!

Check some photos and more details here!

PT_site_2Martha, our director, hiking to Naufragados Beach with Ben, Daniel and Petra.



PT_site_3a visit to an oyster farm in Ribeirão da Ilha

PT_site_4a presentation about our school and services

PT_site_5going for a swim before lunch!






update 05/06/2016


We agree with Petra and also believe Florianópolis is a Paradise!