UNESCO declares World Portuguese Language Day !

by The Language Club / Wednesday, 15 January 2020 / Published in Latest News

The overall interest in the Portuguese language keeps rising! And now UNESCO has declared May 5th as the International Portuguese Language Day!

The decision was announced at the headquarters of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization in Paris at its executive board meeting.

World Portuguese Language Day will be celebrated annually on May 5th, as already happens in the Community of Portuguese Language Countries, and António Sampaio da Nóvoa points out the “very important moment” for the language of Camões.

“This is the first time UNESCO has made such a decision regarding a language that is not one of the official languages of UNESCO. Unanimously, people revise themselves on the idea that having a world day of the Portuguese language is very important”, said António Sampaio da Nóvoa in statements to Lusa.

The proposal was sponsored by all the 9 Portuguese speaking-countries and 24 other countries from all regions and continents of the world and was approved by the UNESCO Executive Council. The Portuguese language is spoken by over 270 million people in the world. The decision will be ratified by UNESCO General Conference next November.



Portuguese language keeps getting stronger and learning it is a good investment for the future!