Portuguese Online Courses

Online classes are a great option for those who lack time or just prefer not to leave home to study Portuguese. They can can be surprisingly pleasant and eficient. The growing internet network stability, the presence of excellent platforms for classrooms,  and the great amount of resources available to students and teachers are some of the reasons why.
Moreover, online classes promote student`s autonomy, which can accelarate the learning process
At The Language Club,  qualified and commited teachers, graduated in languages or related areas, with plenty of experience, will make learning easy and fun.
Besides the language itself, the teacher will also help you to know and understand Brazil: habits, traditions, social relations and others, helping you grasp a bit more of Brazilian culture.
We offer One-to-one and General Portuguese courses online.
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One-to-one and Group Courses

One-to-one courses

At a one-to-one tuition the student benefits from a tailor-made course. Student's objectives, interests and learning style is taken into account.

Check our packs below:

  • 4 classes - USD100
  • 8 classes - USD175
  • 12 classes - USD225

For General Portuguese Courses, please contact us to check levels'availability and the course schedule.