Portuguese Online Courses

Online classes are a great option for those who lack time or just prefer not to leave home to study Portuguese. The course is private, so you will have your specific needs addressed. Brazilian native teachers, graduated in languages or related areas, with plenty of experience, will facilitate your learning process.

All teachers have successfully accomplished an extensive preparation course and all of them frequently attend and prepare seminars to update, extend their knowledge and their cross-cultural sensitivity. Besides the language itself, the teacher will also help you to know and understand Brazil: habits, traditions, social relations and others. Getting to know a bit of the culture where the target language is spoken is an important aspect in the language acquisition: language is culture!

Together with the face-to face contact with your teacher, exercises and a variety of documents (videos, texts, …) will be sent to you to support your learning


  • At a one-to-one tuition the student benefits from a tailor-made course. Student's objectives, interests and learning style is taken into account.
  • Usually students take between 1 and 3 classes a week, but you can do up to 5 hours a week if you like.

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