James Bowen
February 2019.
Fantastic school with terrific teachers. They were able to accommodate me at the very last minute. I took 2 weeks of intensive 1-on-1 Portuguese classes and left feeling like (A) I could read, write, speak, and listen with reasonable proficiency and (B) I have a solid grounding from which to continue learning the language. The course was specifically tailored to my interests and abilities (for example, if you speak Spanish you can move very quickly through some topics that are identical or similar between the 2 languages). Highly, highly, highly recommended. Also, Floripa is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Not a bad place to spend a week or 2 (or more) studying Portuguese.
Kristen Moreland
United States
November 2018.
My husband and I recently moved to southern Brazil to work at an international school, and we were very eager to learn Portuguese. The Language Club could not have been a better fit for us! We chose to do a 4 day / 20 hour intensive course during one of our school breaks. Our experience was incredible: it felt as if our instructors had been hand picked for us to meet our individual needs which made the classes fly by! And the location is stunning: Florianopolis is incredibly beautiful with both nature and night life, a great combination to help us absorb everything we learned. At the end of our four days, we felt so much more connected to our new home in Brazil. We HIGHLY recommend The Language Club and have plans to return for a refresher course in the future!
Sean Boudreau
April 2017.
I enjoyed my two week course at the Language Club and learned enough Portuguese to help me travel around Brazil. The school facilities are very good, everyone at the school is very nice, and Florianopolis is a wonderful place. Rodrigo was a very good teacher and the field trip on the final day of class was fun and informative. Obrigado The Language Club!
Jill Guerra
June 2015.
I came to Santa Catarina to conduct interviews with farmers regarding sustainable agriculture and agrarian reform for my Masters thesis. I arrived with an upper-intermediate level of Portuguese, but came to Lagoa to kick start my listening and speaking skills within the local accent and vocabulary. Not only did my teacher effectively organized classes to work on these skills, she picked material that was directly related to my research. We watched videos, listened to music and discussed issues related to sustainable agriculture and agrarian reform. What a treat to be able to combine my Portuguese lessons with my research interests!

In addition to the wonderful classes, the whole TLC staff was warm, welcoming and always attentive to my needs. I would definitely recommend TLC to anyone looking to improve their Portuguese skills while in Florianópolis.
Abagail Nelson
Brooklyn, NY.
February 2007.
I write to express strong support for the work of The Language Club, Florianopolis, Brazil. I have recently returned to New York after about one month of intensive Portuguese language study, and was singularly impressed by the quality of their teachers, the strength of their teaching methods, and the efficiency of their administration.
I came to The Language School after about 10 years of dabbling in Portuguese. Their rigorous didactic methods helped me to focus on the areas in which I needed the most work- combining Spanish grammatical and vocabulary structures with Portuguese- a common yet difficult problem with Spanish language speakers. I came away feeling that I would be able to do more than communicate with Portuguese language speakers, I could understand the traps and linguistic constructs that would separate a foreigner from a native speaker.
The Language School helped me to find excellent accommodations, and created opportunities for interaction in the local community and with other students. While I took private lessons 16 hours a week, the school provided ample opportunities to interface with other students and other native speakers. The vivacious and comprehensive way that they mixed grammar, with Brazilian history and culture, current events, literature, verbal comprehensive and practical vocabulary, kept the lessons fluid and exciting. Again, I highly recommend their methodologies.
SeanBoston, MA.
July 2013.
I enrolled in a 2 week private course (3 hours/day) with Ana at The Language Club (TLC). I learned more than I thought was possible in this brief period (I am an intermediate level speaker of Portuguese). Ana was professional, kind, and exceptionally patient in her teaching of the language. Furthermore, the entire staff was attentive to my educational needs. Lastly, I had a most enjoyable and culturally enriching experience staying with a host family arranged by TLC (I recommend a home stay for any student studying at TLC). I recommend studying at TLC to anyone who is looking for an intensive Portuguese language learning experience in an idyllic setting in the south of Brazil.