Tourism and Recreation

A few good reasons to come to Florianópolis: glorious, lush green mountains, beautiful lagoons, and a very laid-back atmosphere.

Despite its many attractions, it is still the beaches that draw the crowds and as there are so many of them you won’t have any problem finding one that suits your taste or mood. The Northern beaches (Jurere, Canasvieiras, Ingleses) are the favorite territory of families, as the sea is warm and calm. They may get busy in the peak season (December to February) but are still worth a visit, although if you want some serenity with your sea and sand then you might be better off to visit at a quieter time of year.

Canasvieiras Beach

The East Coast (Santinho, Moçambique, Mole, Joaquina, Campeche) is a great place to "hang ten" with the surf dudes and the young, trendy crowd. Praia Mole is the trendiest, having one of the most popular gay bars in town: Bar do Deca. Next door is the nudist/gay beach of Galheta, a nature reserve accessible only by foot.

Surfing in Campeche

As you go south, the beaches get wilder and even more stunning. Morro das Pedras, Armação, Pantano do Sul and Açores are mainly used by the locals and still have a strong fishing community. Nature lovers will be in their element in the South too, as they will find two of the most remote beaches here: Lagoinha do Leste, probably the most beautiful in the island, and Naufragados.  Both can only be accessed by trail or boat. From the southern beaches, between June and November, is common to spot the Southern Right Whales with their calves.

Lagoinha do Leste

As well as all that sand there are also two very impressive lagoons that form part of the landscape. Lagoa da Conceição is the most famous one. Having turned from being one of the oldest fishing communities into a self-sufficient neighbourhood, it has touches of cosmopolitan life, alternative life styles, café culture and a busy nightlife. Although it lacks top end hotels, it has some charming guesthouses and it is a good base for those on a tight budget or without own transport. The other lagoon could not be more different: Lagoa do Peri, slots into the southern backdrop perfectly with its wild beaches, and nature reserve with rivers, waterfalls and trails aplenty.

A great day trip is a visit to one of the smaller, rainforest-covered islands dotted around Floripa. Campeche Island is a great place for snorkeling with its emerald-green waters. It is also a National Heritage Site since it contains innumerous rock inscriptions dated from around 5.000 years ago. Arvoredo Island is part of a marine national park. Here, currents from the North and South meet, resulting in a great variety of sea life and making it the best place for diving in the South of Brazil.

Diving at Arvoredo Island

As well as the diving and the lying on the beach of course! Floripa is a major center for active adventures and radical sports. Surfing, as mentioned above, is massive. International competitions come to town every year and surf schools are everyday more popular. The wind and waves draw in the kite and windsurfers, and Para gliders as well. Rafting, abseiling, diving, trekking… in fact most things sporty can be done in this land of outdoors lovers.

Just outside the Capital, in the Great Florianopolis, you will find good rafting in Santo Amaro and the hot springs of Caldas da Imperatriz. Just an hour away from there, in the Encostas da Serra region, home stays with organic farmers give a perfect opportunity to get to know rural Santa Catarina.

Rafting in Santo Amaro

If you are into local culture, you will be interested in the legacy of the Azorean immigration. Its architecture is represented in the local churches (mid-late 18th Century), and typical houses still found in the early settlements of Santo Antonio de Lisboa e Ribeirão da Ilha. The old world charm and peaceful atmosphere help create the perfect setting for an evening meal at the end of the day, as you watch the sun slowly disappear and the sky turn blood orange red. Dinner at a local seafood restaurant is a must, where a top meal of oysters and king prawns will not cost the Earth.

Colonial Architecture in Ribeirão da Ilha

In the “Centro”, the main commercial area, there are also a few interesting reminders from the past. The fish market and the customs house are the most visited ones. The market is a favorite spot for locals to have a quick drink on Saturday mornings.