Faculty Led

International experience is of great professional and social value these days and Universities around the world have been pro-active in organizing and promoting programs abroad for its students, be it summer courses, three or six-months exchange programs, and others.

In order to respond to this demand, The Language Club has launched its Faculty Led program for University Groups. It has been initially designed in cooperation with a client University and has as an important feature the possibility of customization. Let us help build the program you want!

TLC has proved successful in organizing courses as such.

Program Features

Program Customization / Design

Together with the University, we will design a program that fits their interests and demands. We may provide – or be provided - with - an initial program from which changes and adjustments are made until a new program, in accordance with the client organization's requirements, is conceived. This process may take from a few months to a year, depending on the complexity of the program.

Airport Transfer

TLC organizes the transfer from the airport to the homestay, be it a small or large group of students. A meet and greet service may be included.

Orientation and Support Material

An orientation session is organized up to 24 hours upon after the group’s arrival. In the session, students receive information about the area, transportation, meals, …students also receive a city and local map as well as a newsletter with important information.

Housing and Meals

Housing is usually close to school. Some are between 10 and 20 minutes on foot from the school; the farthest are between 10 and 20 minutes by buss from it. Each host house may receive one to 4 students at a time. The stay includesstay includes breakfast and dinner; lunch is had usually had in a restaurant by the kilo or the buffet system (very common today in Brazil).


Classes usually happen in the morning; Common courses are Portuguese language and Ccontemporary Brazil (course comprised of text readings, seminars, lectures and workshops on topics such as religion, music, politics and others). It may be taught in English or Portuguese.

Cultural Workshops and Excursions / Field Trips

This is an important part of the University group programs. It can be defined as a guided immersion in the area – social and geographical. Common activities are samba and capoeira classes, visits to a Umbanda center (a very Brazilian religion), hikes in beautiful natural sceneries.

Certificate of Participation

At the end of their Program, students receive a Certificate of Participation stating the course hours and components. These hours may be taken as University credits, contact us for more information.

Program Evaluation / Quality Feedback

The Language Club listens to their clients regularly: students respond to an evaluation questionnaire at the end of the program and follow up conversation during the course, checking students’ satisfaction and needs of any adjustment.